Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whole Brain Teaching around the World!

With blogger I have the opportunity to see certain information about those who visit the blog.  It shows the country and the referring URL.  It has been fascinating to see this data!

Within a week of starting this blog, I could see that people had viewed it in eight different countries!  It looks like I have regular readers in Germany, Thailand, and Canada (I think that one is a fellow WBT blogger).  The blog was found in a Google search in Korea!  Just in the past 24 hours the page has been viewed in Indonesia, Chile, Romania, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates.

I don't owe any of this traffic to my own blogging, but due to the world wide appeal of Whole Brain Teaching!  It has changed my 2nd grade classroom in suburban Texas, and I can only imagine how it has affected others around the world.

I'm fascinated to hear your stories, so now I'm going to ask you to share with me.  Please add a comment and give the following information:
  1. What country/state are you in?
  2. What do you teach?
  3. Do you use Whole Brain Teaching?  If so, how has it impacted your class?
If you haven't heard how it has impacted my class, check out "My WBT Journey" and "Thank you WBT." 

Thank you for sharing!  I'm looking forward to hearing about WBT across the US and around the world!



  1. Hey Allison!

    I'm so addicted to reading my changing stats!! It is way too much fun!!!

  2. Hi Allison! You shared your link to the class rules, so here is mine!

    Thanks for commenting. I'm following you now!!!


  3. Hi Allison,

    I'm a primary school teacher in little old Invercargill, at the bottom of New Zealand. I'm teaching 8 and 9 year olds in a low socio-economic area and I have a few behavioural children and low level learners in my class. However, after introducing some WBT techniques it has made an impact. I'm a beginning teacher and I had my tutor teacher in doing an observation - she was impressed!

    I enjoy reading your blog, thanks for sharing your experiences.

  4. Thank you for the comments ladies!

    Alice, I find it encouraging to hear that you have the same struggles even though you are in New Zealand. It's wonderful that you can share WBT with your tutor teacher!