Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whole Brain Teaching- Year 2

Tomorrow is the big day!  Summer is over, and school is here.  I was just sitting back and realizing how different I feel going into this school year after having one year of Whole Brain Teaching under my belt.

LAST YEAR:  Frantically re-watching Whole Brain Teaching videos and rehearsing in my mind what to say.
THIS YEAR:  I listed the procedures I need to teach in my lesson plans, and I'm ready to go!

LAST YEAR:  Nervous about looking stupid in front of other teachers that would come in my classroom.
THIS YEAR:  Can't wait to share the joy with others!  The aids that work with me excitedly asked if I was going to use Whole Brain Teaching again this year!

LAST YEAR:  Wondering how the parents would react to this unique style of management and teaching.
THIS YEAR:  I'm excited to invite parents into the classroom to volunteer and check out what we do.  And I can't wait to tell them about the Universal Homework Model!

I'm anticipating an awesome year!  There are so many new strategies that I am excited to be incorporating this year: PowerPix, Brain Toys, Genius Ladder, and so much more!

WBT Intern, 2011-12


  1. Hey Allisong!!! I'm excited too! I have a question - on your blog you have a tab that is called What is Whole Brain Teaching? In this tab you have a quote - where did you find this quote - it is so good! Thanks!!!

  2. Hey pinetreelia!

    Here's the link:

  3. I am in my first year(only 2 months) and I really enjoy the whole brain teaching method. I am using it in my ESL Classroom. I take videos of my teachings and it helps me fine tune my lessons.