Sunday, December 11, 2016

Long time

I haven't posted in a VERY long time and a lot has changed!  In 2013 I left public school and began teaching ESL at a language school for adults.  I continued to use Whole Brain Teaching to keep my classes fun and engaging.  The gestures of WBT go along with the idea of Total Physical Response so it's an excellent tool in the ESL classroom.

I had the opportunity to be the Academic Coordinator as well as Interim Director at the language school  and I learned even more about the needs of ESL students.  I've volunteered with a couple of church ESL programs and I currently serve as a coordinator at a church for an English Outreach program to Chinese scholars visiting the US.  I've considered blogging again to shares ideas and experiences related to volunteer ESL programs and now I've recently started teaching Chinese children online with VIPKID.

So now I'll be expanding the scope of this blog to ESL and online teaching strategies!

Here's a video about what I discovered while looking for a online ESL teaching job:

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