Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The class-yes was the first whole brain strategy that I tried.  I enjoyed it instantly because it is an easy attention getter and the students really respond well to it.  There are similar strategies like clapping, but the special thing about the class-yes is that there are endless possibilities to change it up and keep things new.  When things are new, the students are instantly interested and quickly comply with little effort on my part :) 

Generally in my class I use something like...
Class, class, class     and they respond with...  Yes, yes, yes
Classy, class                                                    Yessy, yes
Alrighty class                                                    Alrighty yes
Oh my class                                                     Oh my yes
Yo ho class                                                       Yo ho yes

I also love to use vocabulary words for attention. For example, I would say, "Prevent" and the class would respond, "Prevent- to stop from happening" as they act it out with the gesture we have practiced for this word.  Last year I did a lot of math facts. 
5 x 3                   and they respond                       5 x 3 =15

There was an interesting post about class-yes variations on the forum: http://www.wholebrainteaching.com/General-Education/5531-Class...Yes-variations.html

Recently we have had some fun new additions to our class-yes procedure!  First, I began to use a classroom leader.  This is a new WBT strategy that I learned about at the conference in February.  I let my class vote on a leader that would be a good example.  They made an excellent choice.  So far I have only used the leader for the class-yes, but it has been an amazing success.  While the class might be getting bored with responding to me, I simply point to my leader, he says "Class!" and they they eagerly respond with "Yes!"  It is so cool!  The class thinks it is awesome!  They smile in wonder at the thought of a student having the class-yes power!

I have also started allowing the students to use the class-yes when they are called on and ready to share with the class.  Again, they are excited with the power that they feel, and the rest of the class is highly engaged and more focused on the speaker.

This is just another reason that I love WBT!  It is so easy.  It becomes second nature.(Sometimes I say "Class, class" to other students...and they look at me funny.)  And it has so many possibilities to grow and change with the class to add new exciting elements throughout the year.

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