Friday, May 13, 2011

Field Day!

Today I proved that WBT isn't just for teaching, it is for surviving amongst chaos!  This was Field Day.  My class, along with 300 other kids at one time, rotated through 15 games.  To say that the kids were excited is an understatement.  Even the "good" kids had trouble containing themselves as they ate popsicles while seeing the crazy water games ahead of them! 

WBT certainly created my own bit of "teacher heaven" today.  Even with all of this stimulation, I had control with my class-yes and "lines".  I don't have the voice to make myself heard above the crowd, but the students have been conditioned to respond when they hear these commands!  We took a couple of minutes to practice in the classroom before we even went out to reinforce the expectations.  I thought it might be fun and novel to have a new call and response today.  Some students came up with saying "Go!" and the class responds "Team!"  That was nice but the old standby worked sooooooo well,  so I mostly relied on class-yes. 

It was helpful to line up the class to move to each activity and have them ready to listen to directions.  I just had to say one word, "LINES!"  and they all began to chant "Lines! Lines! Lines!"  I was really impressed with how well they followed this procedure even in this atypical situation.  It was wonderful!  This reminds me of another blog I read recently where the Wibbeteer used WBT to manage a cross-country team.  Check out Pinetreelia's blog here.  WBT is so versatile!

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