Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's that time of year...

Summer has flown by so quickly!  I go back for my first day of inservice today, yet I feel like I just left for the break.

It is exciting to see things start to move in the Whole Brain Teaching community.  Everyone is waking from their summer hibernation.  The blogs are becoming active, and the forum is full of great advice.  I've even noticed a sharp increase in google searches that bring up my blog.  I suppose everyone is scrambling to find a new idea to make it through the year.

I have to say that Whole Brain Teaching is what is spurring me on this year.  If it weren't for WBT I would probably be seeking a degree in library science and dreading the new year.  (Actually, that sounds an awful lot like how I felt this time last year...)  

But instead, this year I know what procedures will make my class run smoothly AND be effective ALL YEAR LONG.  I know that I have techniques to reach the incredibly diverse class that will inevitably walk through the doors.  I know that I will have fun, as well as my students.  I know that I will be excited to tell others that WBT works.  I know that I will gain new insights and learn from the best Whole Brain Teachers who freely share their knowledge and experience.

Thank you, WBT, for giving me hope for a new year!
Power to the Teachers!

WBT Intern, 2011-12

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